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Transfer Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi :

Halong Bay is 180km (107 miles) from Hanoi.
From Hanoi, most of people choose driving to Halong Bay about 3.5 hours.
People could either choose the Shuttle Bus of the Cruise or use the Private Car/Van to get there. Belows is the cost of the Round trip transfer from your hotel in Hanoi to Halong Bay and return.

Shuttle Bus: It costs you from US$38/per person - US$45/ per person for this round trip. The 16 seated Bus will pick you from your hotel and transfer you to your hotel in Hanoi after the trip. you will share the Bus with some other people from different hotels so the departure time will be roughly from 8AM – to 8.30AM. We need to be ready at your hotel lobby at from 8.AM. It is more economic when a single person traveling.

Private Car/Van/Bus: Using private Car/Van is more convenient and more flexible. Our driver will be waiting for you at your hotel lobby at 8.30 AM. The time is bit shorter because you don’t have to wait for other, It allows you some break for tea or toilet stop along the way or photo stop if you are interested.
1) A/C Private 4 seat Car Hanoi - Halong and return: 120 USD/ car
2) A/C Private 4 seat Car Hanoi - Halong and return: 145 USD/ car
3) 16 Seated A/C Shuttle bus Hanoi - Halong and return: 175 USD/01 Bus

Map Hanoi to Halong Bay
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Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations, and its nickname as the world’s eighth wonder emphasizes just how unique an experience the area offers visitors. Halong Bay’s 1,969 limestone islands jutting from the ocean compose nearly 965 square miles and, contrary to local legend, were actually formed more than 500 million years ago.

The Bay itself is shaped like a triangle, formed by Dau Go Island, Ba Ham Lake, and Cong Tay Island. Most of the islands are between 150 and 650 feet high, while the smaller islets are only 15 to 30 feet tall. Some islands are hollow, containing hundreds of caves, many of which are archaeological sites. Of the nearly 1,000 caves given names, several take them from their appearance.

The largest cave, or grotto, is Hang Dau Go, which translates to Wooden Stakes Cave, where adventurers can explore three large chambers full of stalactites and stalagmites. Sung Sot, or Surprise Cave, holds stalactites that appear in fun forms, such as a toad, a dragon, and a waterfall. Likewise, several of the islands take their names from their shapes, including Voi Islet (Elephant), Ga Choi (Fighting Cock), and Con Coc (Toad). As if that were not enough, the forms of each island transform under different light and from varying views.

Bai Tu Long Bay vietnam
Viettnam is home to some of the most beautiful waters in the world. When travelers go through the countryside, they are greeted with views of the water all around them. In fact, Halong bay is one of the most toured bays in all the region. The perfect water and scenery provide a very romantic, peaceful feeling for all those that are present. However, this is not the only bat in the area that can be visited.

Most travelers will never realize that right next to Halong bay are the waters of Bai Tu Long bay. This bay is beautiful, peaceful and much less traveled. This is in deep contrast to Halong bay because Halong bay is normally charted at all times by tourists and tour companies. Bai Tu Long bay is a lost treasure of the waters that will be even more peaceful than a person can imagine. Once in the waters, a person will immediately notice the floating village and the many native fishermen in the waters. This area is full of sights and fun adventures.

Since most people are not venturing into these areas, a person will have to go on a Bai Tu Long bay cruise to catch a glimpse of life in Bai Tu Long bay. This comes with the benefit of being surrounded by the areas most knowledgeable captains. The area is filled with majestic sights that can be traveled. These sights include the mysterious caves that are millions of years old and hold an eerie, yet beautiful reminded of the past.

Cruise ships allow groups to travel in comfort along their way on the waters. Each and every boat comes with the best amenities and a crew that is ready to help travelers with anything they may need. Whether a group wants to have a lively, adventurous cruise through the waters or rather be left along to relax and watch the sunset. The choice is completely up to the travelers.

Tours can always start with a cruise through Halong bay where all of the hot spots are visited prior to going into Bai Tu Long bay. The distance is much further so it only makes sense to make a day out of the trip and see everything that both bays have to offer. The waters are always filled with beautiful fish and the breeze off of the water will keep guests at a comfortable temperature for the duration of their excursion.

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